We’ve been busy! Check out our newest features

We’ve been busy since we soft-launched a few months ago. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added some new features to make Strength of Two a better tool for helping people battling mental illnesses and addiction.


Many users expressed concerns about using your real identities while posting status updates. To address this concern we added the ability to use a username in place of your real name (like an Instagram or Snapchat handle). We feel that this will be even more important once more doctors and clinics start using Strength of Two with their patients.

We also added the ability to add an avatar to your profile. 😀

Global posts

Many of you signed up for Strength of Two without a Guardian in mind. To help you out, we added a global channel. Anyone can now post a status update to the global channel for all to see. This will help create a supportive community of users that will make it easier for Guardian relationships to form. If someone helps you out, feel free to add them as a Guardian!


We added an Add People screen, which can be accessed by pressing the plus sign on the People screen. This new Add People screen contains a search bar that allows you to search for any user by their username. You can then press a person’s name in the search results table and add them as either a Guardian or Dependent.


We’re constantly updating the app with new features and bug fixes. Please feel free to send us feedback so that we can continue to improve the app! You can comment on any post in the blog or find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.